Friday, November 29, 2013

Liquid Sky Lacquer in 'Water Lillies'

This is one of my favorite polishes by indie polish maker Liquid Sky Lacquer.This is called "Water Lillies" and I love it because its just so pretty and feminine. Its a very light blue with shimmer in and pink,dark blue,light blue,green and copper colored circle glitters. I finished it off with a quick gold striping tape criss cross pattern.Hope you enjoy, you can find this and many more beautiful polishes including thermals and holos at their website

Quick Winter Mani

I know i kind of jumped the gun on this one but i was in the mood. I used Essie in "bikini so teeny for the base and the base on my ring finger was Milani 3d holographic #509, then i used a dotting tool to make the snow and snowflakes the white is SinFul Colors in "snow me white" and i used striping tape on the ring finger with Sally Hansen "ton of bricks" to make the candy cane design. Then I took Fergie "newyears kiss" and put it over every nail except my ring finger. Then finally to seal every thing in I used KBshimmer's topcoat. I really hope you like it :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 21, 2013

this is Lynnderella's limited edition 'Back O' The Fridge"

on bottom is a drugstore brand called Hedy's the color is a light brown called "Dusty Spring Fields" and on top of course is Lynnderella limited edition "Back O' The Fridge" this color is so beautiful in person i know my camera phone takes crappy pictures. The Lynnderella has all kinda of different glitters of all colors and even has tiny holographic pieces. I absolutely adore this polish and im now obsessed with Lynnderella their glitter combos are genius and beautiful and well thought out.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

my precious Lynnderella winnings

I got my babies that i won on lovelynnderella's facebook page :) i am so pleased with these as they are my first lynnderellas i love their glitter combo's they are just so beautiful and well thought out. I won a limited edition "back o" the fridge and a core polish "tre's chic,duckie dear" and let me tell you they are even more beautiful in person. swatches to come tonight

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

quick mani before dentist lol

this was just a quick mani i did before getting oral surgery the next morning, i mean i wanted something pretty to look at lol. anyways this is Sally Hansen"no hard feelings" and on top is polish me silly "born 2b pretty" with some quick black rhinestones. But it got good reviews on InstaGram :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

the dreaded dentist

ugh i have always just dealt with the dentist you know but this damn root canal gave me so many problems. first it was abscessed which feels like your giving birth in your tooth or your being hit with a hammer over and over, then the antibiotics werent working. then to get all of it they had to cut a piece of my gum off, nothing like smelling your own burning flesh. then the recovery was horrible anyway i just wanted to show you this picture i took while they took a break lol

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pastel Gradient Nails

These were some gradient nails i did a while ago. And they were all sally hansen polishes,this was my first crack at a gradient and i was pleasantly surprised with myself:)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Dear Little Odie

These are pictures of my bearded dragon Odie. He is my baby, i never thought a reptile could really truely show affection back, well lets be honest i have a ballpython Beau and snakes cant really show love but Odie comes when u call his name and he does this thing where he comes up to you and snuggles his body in wherever he feels comfy and goes to sleep sometimes for hours. If your ever considering getting a lizard or reptile of any kind i highly suggest a beardie:) and i know this isnt beauty related to nails but its my life

FreakShow polishes

The top one is one coat "circus freak"by freakshow polish over a regular green sally hansen polish.I am a huge fan of freakshow polish its an indie polish brand and i highly recommend it.
 And the second one is "strongman 2" by freak show polish over Milani HD in silver. I loved this one the glitters were mixed great and got almost every different one in one brush stroke.